Central Christian University’s graduate programs provide an educational experience that meets the most important requirement: a profitable engagement of your time, purpose, and personal resources. The graduate faculty is dedicated to guiding, encouraging, and fully equipping you for the next step in your academic and professional journey. This is a big decision, and we’d love to be a part of it.

Graduate programs at Central Christian University are open to persons holding a bachelor’s degree from a certified college or university, and whose undergraduate or graduate work has been of sufficient quality and scope to enable them to profitably pursue graduate study.

Let us talk to you about the program that best helps you to fulfill your calling.

Today you have the opportunity to make an important decision that could significantly improve your career, impact the lives of others, and influence your capacity to shape the future of professional counseling. By choosing to earn your Master in Christian Clinical Counseling you can set that opportunity in motion.
Central Christian University’s Master in Christian Clinical Counseling is a 60-hour graduate level program designed to prepare you for licensure as a Christian Clinical Counselor. The faculty provide quality professional training from a faith-based perspective. Our mission is to produce ethically and spiritually aware mental health counselors who possess the knowledge, values, skills, and personal disposition to promote the mental health and holistic wellness of clients across diverse populations.
60 semester hours
Graduates of the program are trained to work in a wide variety of settings including Christian mental health centers, substance abuse centers, church counseling centers, and private practice.

There are good reasons why Psychology is the 2nd most selected area of study at CCU and the 4th most popular field in the United States. It is a versatile major that draws from diverse disciplines and affords entry into many different careers in the helping professions.
Master in Christian Psychology is for students seeking primarily theoretical training in the integration of psychology and theology. These may be students who are interested in research or preparation for a more advanced degree or who have already earned a graduate degree in a related field.
The study of psychology promotes understanding of human behavior through the scientific method and clinical practice.
60 semester Hours
Here at CCU students respond to the call of God to help others in an integrative professional and scientific way.

CCU’S Master in Christian Education will prepare you for leadership roles in Christian and private school systems. Coursework provides focused training for those seeking a position as a K-12 educator or those wanting to further their education by pursuing a Doctor of Christian Education. Along with core courses, specializations offer more specific knowledge in a particular area of interest, such as administration and supervision, teaching and learning, specialized programs, or school counseling.
60 semester Hours

Central Christian University’s Master in Theology is geared toward individuals seeking an introductory graduate degree in religion for service in a supportive role in the local church or a para-church ministry. Courses include surveys of the Old and New Testament and systemic theology, which will provide you with a solid foundation from which to understand the fundamentals of the Bible, Christianity, Christian theology, and the Christian church. This program is well-suited for pastors, Christian educators, informed lay leaders, and teachers seeking advanced study in the disciplines, preparing for work in the education ministry of the church, and/or anticipating the research doctorate.
60 semester hours (for applicants with undergraduate degrees in related areas of religious, biblical, theological, or pastoral studies)
72 semester hours (for applicants with undergraduate degrees in areas not related to those mentioned above)