Having a biblical foundation upon which a pastor, elder or church leader can build an effective ministry is crucial. Sometimes, individuals are called to vocational ministry and have not completed a bachelor’s degree. Completing an undergraduate degree first simply to qualify for a seminary masters’ degree is not a good option for many. The 36-hour Certificate in Biblical Studies provides 12 excellent courses in Bible, ministry and spiritual life.

Central Christian University’s Certificate in Biblical Studies will help you develop a comprehensive knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments, equipping you for ministry in a variety of settings. You will study the Bible, learning about the basic themes, issues and schools-of-thought in Christian theology, as well as develop the tools to integrate biblical knowledge with contemporary world issues and events.

The Biblical Studies Certificate is available online and on campus. It can be a standalone program, or can be used to supplement any CCU bachelor’s degree, giving you an opportunity to consider how biblical principles integrate with your career.


CONVENIENCE you can earn the certificate entirely online

AFFORDABLE an accessible tuition rate

ACCELERATED program that allows you to focus on Biblical and Theological studies

GRADES are based primarily on written work, projects, and course participation.

WELL RESPECTED with graduates working in churches, non-profits, and mission organizations around the world.

EXPERT FACULTY offers the best of both worlds: high academic credentials with significant ministry and missions experience.


Upon completion of this program, graduates will be ready to explore volunteer or entry-level employment opportunities in churches, youth ministries, para-church ministries and various service organizations. Below are some possible types of career opportunities:

  • Religious Workers (Pastoral Ministry)
  • Children’s ministry
  • Youth and family ministry
  • Missions
  • Religious Education

Biblical Studies Certificate Completion Plan