DR. JUAN CARLOS AMESTY is the founder and current president of Central Christian University for 20 years. He founded the university and has established campuses in many places world-wide. The physical main campus has been substantially enlarged, and the school’s reputation as an international leader has been established.


Amesty earned his first Ph.D. degree in Psychology from Universidad Catholica Andres Bello, in Caracas, Venezuela and later earned another Ph.D. degree in Christian Counseling from Faith Christian University in Florida, USA.

He did his undergraduate work and M.A. in Psychology at Universidad Catholica Andres Bello.


Amesty has served two terms as President of Concilio Iglesia de Dios Misionera.

He is one of the founders of Reto de Juventud, (a rehabilitation center designed for young men with alcohol and drug abuse) in Caracas, Venezuela and is the founder and part of the executive board of Chaplains of Florida, an international chaplaincy organization educating inmates inside the prison system through the preparation of chaplains. He is also the founder of Christian Care Counseling Center, an outpatient clinic that offers counseling programs for the community in Central Florida.


In 1990, Amesty received the prestigious award Gran Gordon de Oro, given to him by Governor of the Federal District of Caracas, Venezuela, Antonio Ledezma and in 1993 he was given the award of Mar de Plata by the Argentine Embassy.

In 2000, Amesty became member of "El Colegio Oficial de Psicológos de España"

In 2005, Amesty was the recipient of the award Community Impact for the great community work that was done through Christian Care Counseling Center in Central Florida.

In 2009 he received an honorary award from the Foundation of Christian Educators in La Paz, Bolivia for the pioneering work of establishing a Christian Academic Institution in the suburbs of Bolivia.


Amesty always had a passion for ministry and became a Youth Pastor at a young age. He later on joined the Federal Police Department of Venezuela and in 1985 he published a book called “El Policía Frente a la Delincuencia” (The Police Against Crime). In 1992, Amesty together with current President of Assemblies of God in Venezuela, Luis Rodriguez, founded Reto de la Juventud (a rehabilitation center that currently has over 4,000 men). In 2001 he started Christian Care Counseling Center and in 2003 he pioneered Central Christian University and many other organizations that have impacted the world with the message of the gospel.


Amesty is married to Dinoraht Cova; together they have 2 children and 2 grandchild.