The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is the largest division of Central Christian University, it is dedicated to being the forefront of research and discovery. The Faculty of Arts & Sciences includes six separate departments: Christian Clinical Counseling, Christian Clinical Psychology, Business Administration, Hospitality Management & Tourism and Human Communication. Each CCU student takes courses from the Faculty of Arts & Sciences in completion of the general core. This faculty offers courses necessary for pre-professional education, preparation for graduate studies, and/or teacher licensure.


Integrate biblical knowledge with psychological methodology so as to function as an efficient counselor; Be conversant with an array of psychological approaches, both Christian and secular, including theoretical and applied principles; Display a basic competence in interviewing skills and psychological techniques; Show familiarity with the classical personality theories; and Demonstrate familiarity with the basic principles of psychological research.

Degree’s offering: BA, MA & PhD


The Department of Clinical Psychology is a unique venture in Christian higher education, the purpose of which is to prepare Clinical Psychologists whose understandings and actions are deeply informed by both psychology and the Christian faith. It adheres to a clinical science model of training. The Department seeks to graduate Christian psychologists with a special ability to assist persons on their journeys to spiritual and emotional wholeness. The models of training implemented by the department are the scientist-practitioner model (PhD in Clinical Psychology), and the local clinical scientist model (PsyD in Clinical Psychology). Each of these reflect a commitment to clinical training grounded in scientific psychology and Christian theology.

Degree’s offering: BA, MA & PhD


WE EDUCATE LEADERS WHO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. The Department of Business at Central Christian University emphasizes building up Leaders for Christ as well as strong business men and women. Offers programs of study designed to prepare students for positions of leadership in business, nonprofit, the teaching profession and the community at large. This is done by imparting the ethical and philosophical principles upon which our society and our economy rest and by equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for success. A pedagogical emphasis is placed on experiential learning bolstered by a focus on critical thinking skills. Since a significant dimension of the business curriculum includes the integration of one’s faith with the discipline, graduates should demonstrate a Christian worldview as they discharge the duties of their profession. Our focus on commitment, service, and learning is a joint effort between faculty, students, and the God they serve.

DBA’s offering: B.S.B.A, MBA & PhD


Tourism and hospitality are a driving force of the Florida economy and have tremendous impact in nearly all corners of the world. It is offered to any student interested in pursuing a preparation in management within the hospitality and tourism field. As a student in this program, you’ll also complete 120 apprenticeship hours in the hospitality industry, which means you’ll be more than prepared to extend a warm welcome and quality service to the tourists who make our world thrive. The mission of the Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) program is to develop effective and efficient leaders of the Hospitality and Tourism industry. To achieve this mission, it is our goal that students graduating from the HTM program at CCU will demonstrate leadership skills by having the following:

Knowledge of the industry
People management skills
Problem-solving skills
A sense of responsibility
Christian Ethics

Degree’s offering: BS


This career responds to the need to train a highly qualified professional for the teaching of foreign languages in their desired language of specialty. The English part of this career offers a selection of a list of articles covering all the literature written in the English language from its Anglo-Saxon origins to works produced in English-speaking countries around the world today. The modern language of the course will give you practical linguistic training, encourages you to think coherently about language as a topic of study and introduce you to a vast and fascinating field of Western literature and thought. This rigorous program will prepare you for a wide range of careers in the international arena.

Degree’s offering: BA, MA & PhD