In 2003, Pastor Juan Carlos Amesty challenged his congregation at Missionary Church of God in Orlando, FL to establish a Christian University whose students would “go out in all walks of life to impact this world for God.” Soon after, Central Christian University became a reality.

Through those founding years, students and faculty were inspired to influence the world with the message of Jesus Christ in their chosen area of study.

By 2007, the school had 10 campuses worldwide, adding programs and garnering recognition from both mainstream culture and the world of academia. CCU also pioneered in establishing an educational institution in countries no Christian institution had done so, launching CCU in La Paz, Bolivia, and Port au Prince, Haiti.

Our Vision was not just to grow in the U.S., but also provide high quality Christian education to third world countries or developing countries where formal Christian education is scarce, expensive or both.

Our goal was, has been, and will always be to make available the knowledge and wisdom of God through excellent education for pastors, leaders and professionals to not only become more effective in ministry but also teach and train others in the grace and knowledge acquired in these studies. With currently 27 campuses worldwide, we continue to pioneer, committing to this God-given mandate of impacting this world with the message of good news of Jesus Christ, educating and changing mentalities.

Central Christian University’s journey has been one of facing giants, making the impossible possible, watching fervent prayer move mountains, and forming leaders for tomorrow.