Service learning was added to the curriculum in 2014, with the purpose to prepare students in community work and involvement. Since its start, students have done than 4,000 hours of service.
Students may complete their service requirement through service embedded or enhanced courses, departmental service projects, or service coordinated through Christian Care Counseling Center and Chaplains of Florida outside the curriculum. A central goal of service learning is for students to learn how to use their academic knowledge to help others flourish and to address the roots of systemic problems.

The goals of the service-learning program are to ensure that students engaged in Christian service at CCU:

– Understand the biblical mandate for service.
– Recognize that service to others is part of God’s purpose for them and that it flows from His design of their uniqueness.
– Have insight into appropriate service—its source, its meaning, and its impact on both the performer and the recipient.
– Understand how they can use their vocation to serve God and others.

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