American Chaplains is a non for profit organization and a division within Central Christian University to provide certification in the areas of chaplaincy. Chaplain certification means that the applicant has fulfilled all of the class and clinical requirements for certification. The work of the chaplain differs greatly from the work of the pastorate. The pastor cares for the spiritual needs of the congregation; whereas, the chaplain must care for the needs of the secular world as well.
American Chaplains are not only trained in Hospital, Prison, Hospice and other local areas of need but also at an international humanitarian level. American Chaplains are women and men of God that have been equipped to respond to domestic and international disasters. These approved volunteer chaplains are carefully selected and prepared to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ, and appropriately share God’s hope through the One who

heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds, Psalm 147:3.



  • Contribute to the integral development of society by providing the highest pastoral clinical training and training to chaplains, counselors, professionals, who will efficiently function as agents of change in national, regional, governmental and private institutions.


  • To promote the training of men and women in the field of pastoral care and professional counseling as well as to promote the profession of chaplaincy and counseling as disciplines committed to the integral well-being of human beings.

American Chaplains certification is for residents within the United States & International Membership for any ministry or individual that so wish.

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