The professional in Tourism, is in the capacity to plan, coordinate and execute tourism programs. It participates in the formulation of plans, policies, strategies and tactics at the state, regional and national level in tourism, in order to recommend that the most appropriate measures be implemented. It systematizes projects by selecting and ranking tourism development objectives, organizing activities, strategies and resources in terms of time and cost, establishing deficiency levels and patterns for evaluation. It formulates plans of tourist development in the time and budgetary allocation; In addition, it can develop, together with other specialists, the institutional strategies necessary in the training, instruction and training of Human Resources related to tourism development.

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Occupational Area:

Government agencies, regional corporations, embassies and consulates, hotel companies both public and private.

Related Careers:

Hospitality, Tourism Business Administration, Tourism Companies, Tourism Hospitality Mention (Technical).

Associate’s Degree / Bachelor’s Degree / Master’s Degree / Doctor’s Degree

Course Information

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