The professional in Psychology studies scientifically human work in the psychosocial, psychodynamic, institutional and community spheres. It investigates, diagnoses and guides individual or group children, adolescents, adults and families. Design and use different techniques to formulate a diagnosis, forecast and recommend the treatment time to be followed according to the psychological characteristics of the people, processes, facts, phenomena or problems they study. It investigates the problems related to the growth and development of the emotional, mental, physical and social aspects of individuals to understand the origins of their behavior. It diagnoses the emotional, mental disturbances of individuals and administers treatment programs. Advises individually and group students. Develops and applies techniques of selection of students and / or human resources in general. He specializes in clinical, industrial, social, school and counseling psychology.

Occupational Area:

Government agencies, psychiatric hospitals, mental health services, counseling services and student welfare, training and teaching institutes, free practice of the profession.

Related Careers:

Education, Sociology, Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, Special Education, Psychopedagogy (Technical), Social Work, Medicine, Industrial Relations, Theology, Clinical Christian Counseling.

Associate’s Degree / Bachelor’s Degree / Master’s Degree / Doctor’s Degree

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