The professional in Christian Clinical Counseling studies scientifically what to do human in the psychosocial, psychodynamic, institutional and community spheres. It studies programs that provide a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the problem of human suffering and provide clear biblical and scientific guidance for assistance to the consultants. It delves into the study of fundamental concepts and methods for the explanation of the Word of God, for therapeutic purposes. Acquire academic and professional preparation for an advanced continuing ministerial education. Who graduated from the clinical program will be trained to administer psychological tests and perform psycho-diagnostic assessments.

Occupational Area:

Government agencies, psychiatric hospitals, mental health services, counseling services and student welfare, training and teaching institutes, free practice of the profession.

Related Careers:

Education, Sociology, Rehabilitation mention Occupational Therapy, Special Education, Psychopedagogy (Technical), Social Work, Medicine, Industrial Relations, Theology, Psychology.

Associate’s Degree / Bachelor’s Degree / Master’s Degree / Doctor’s Degree

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