Dr. José L. Stacey

Lecturer in the fields of psychology, counseling and coaching.

Dr. José L. Stacey, a recognized counselor and coach, is lecturer in the fields of psychology, counseling and coaching. Basically by the conjunction of these techniques of support and personal development in daily practice, as well as teaching daily topics focused from a different perspective. It should also be noted that this conjunction supports it in the truths of the Word of God, since as he states, the greatest book to understand the human being from a human perspective, is the Bible.

He completed his studies at LCU on Theology, in the field of counseling and  therapy, he earned his master’s degree from Newport University and his doctorate from Central Christian University. In addition to specializations in advanced leadership, executive coaching and family constellations, all this in prestigious educational entities such as Haggai Institute, Tec of Monterrey and Catholic University of Ecuador. For his extensive experience of more than 25 years in the ministerial and professional field, he has been honored with the Doctoral Degree in Divinities Honoris Causa by the Revelation University of Miami. He works as a professor at CCU and also gives coaching conferences and workshops nationwide.

Dr. Stacey is from the city of Quito, Ecuador, and currently works in the city of Orlando, Fl., Where he enjoys his favorite distraction and antiesting of high adrenaline. As he says, his therapy, is the roller coasters.

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